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Coaching Services

Even if you are on the right track, you will get run over if you just sit there"  Milton Berle


Personal Career Development Coaching & Coaching in Organisations


We have a flexible approach to coaching, there is no 'one size fits all'.  Simply call or email Louisa for a 'no obligation' chat in the first instance on t: +44(0) 208 144 5508 m: +44(0)7841 653170   e: louisa@purpleeclipse.com


Personal 121 Coaching 


Individual coaching sessions are held for approximately 60 minutes.  The sessions are held face to face at an agreed location, via skype or on the telephone.  A complimentary 30-minute consultation is given prior to the commencement of any coaching session.  It acts as a great ice breaker and allows me to answer any questions and ascertain your coaching needs and focus in preparation of your coaching session.


Travel Expenses - Will apply for face to face coaching sessions held beyond a 15-mile radius of our base in Weybridge, Surrey.


4 Plus 

* A 15% discount offer applied if 4+ hourly sessions are booked at one time.


Competency and Behavioral Interviewing  

* Review of skill set and experience

* Detailed, mock interview


CV Review & Rewrite 

* Full review of existing CV and rewrite and changes where applicable


Post Graduate Coaching Programme

*Covered over a 6-week period

*Review of career direction

*CV review and re-write if needed

*Job search mapping & action plan

*Selling yourself effectively

*Interviewing skills & mock interview if needed

*Unlimited email support for 6 weeks


Career Overhaul

*Covered over the course of 6 months.

*Complimentary 60-minute initial consultation.

*Future career analysis

*Identifying key skill set, strengths & successes

*Personal marketing via social media

*Effective use of your network

*Goal setting and action plan mapping

*CV review & re-write if necessary

*Interview skills review & mock interview if required

*Unlimited email correspondance & motivation for 24 weeks


Coaching in Organisations 


An increasing amount of companies today recognise the positive impact coaching can have within their organisation. Increased, employee confidence and enhanced performance, along with the ability to manage stress are all vital elements for employee retention and with staff turnover being one of the largest cost points to businesses, it is evident to see why coaching for employees is an important investment.


Post Redundancy Coaching


Key for businesses enduring re-organisation or employee redundancy.  Structured individual or small group coaching sessions to support individuals move forward after redundancy.


*Preparing and planning for new employment

*Identifying key transferrable skill set, strengths

*Job search planning & action plan mapping

*CV review & re-write if required

*Interview skills & mock interview set up if required


Performance and Confidence Coaching


Bespoke and effective 121 coaching for individuals or small groups.  The key focus is strengthening individual confidence, identify and overcome barriers and develop higher, sustained levels of performance.


Stress Management Coaching


Structured and interactive, designed to work around busy professionals. Specific coaching on recognising, and coping with rising stress levels in the work place. It covers the physiological responses to stress, along with strategies to cope and manage it effectively.




To discuss any of the above packages or to talk through your possible coaching needs, please do contact Louisa on m: +44 (0)7841 653170 or email louisa@purpleeclipse.com.

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