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                                                                "If opportunity doesn't knock....build a door"  Milton Berle



Why is career coaching effective?  

As individuals, when it comes to what’s important to us in our lives, we don’t do what people tell us we should do. We may listen but we need to do what we believe in.  Therefore, in order to make a change we need to feel in control of the decision making.  Career coaching is exactly that! Non-directive and completely unbiased. With my support and coaching expertise, you make your own decisions!  I’m your sounding board. I listen and challenge your thinking, using effective coaching techniques which encourage you to see alternatives and give clarity. Structured and motivational throughout, you will prioritise and set realistic, achievable goals that move you forward, through your challenges with purpose.


Key Benefits

Clarity of thought and direction

Defining your career goals

Feeling inspired, energised and motivated

Identifying priorities, developing a structured action plan

Knowing your skill set and strengths

Controlling your fears

Increase in confidence and purpose

Taking control of your decisions

Increased focus and a positive sense of direction

Increased self-esteem  

Understanding and managing your stress triggers


The Career Zones....which zone are you in?


The Comfort Zone

I feel frustrated and unfulfilled, but I feel safe and have a sense of security.

The Stretch Zone

I feel a mixture of excitement and fear.

The Panic Zone

I feel overwhelmed and stressed and quite fearful.


Specialist areas include  

Confidence building & motivation

Career crossroads & direction

Returning to work mums after maternity leave

Stress management strategies

Challenges within the work place

Life after redundancy

Interview skills, body language and overcoming nerves

Professional CVs & tailored cover letters

Personal image and branding

Job search planning




                                 Don’t just settle! Tap into your full potential, be inspired, focus on your aspirations and achieve them!”

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