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“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change”   Dr. Wayne Dyer.  



Coaching You

Hello and thank you for landing here! If you are serious about your career and personal development, then you are in the right place! I coach ambitious, high-achieving individuals in the U.K and overseas, who have a strong desire to progress, achieve and feel fulfilled in what they do. I work on a private 1:1 basis and partner with businesses to host, bespoke workshops and coaching experienced leaders.


I transform my client’s perspectives of themselves and what they believe they are capable of, helping them cut through overwhelm and take control, by creating a clearer vision and understanding of themselves, their skillset, their perceived challenges and what is really important to them.  


Do you want to progress and achieve greater results? Perform at your peak and  break the glass ceiling? Keen to develop a growth mindset and build stronger resilience to challenge, change or stress?


However experienced, sustaining high levels of performance, will test you, stretch you and at times, cause you to feel stuck, confused, insecure and demotivated.


You need confidence and a strategy.  As your coach, I am on your side, your confidante and your unbiased sounding board of expertise and motivation. Supporting you on two levels, the ‘inner work’ first, creating the right mindset and elevating confidence are key to achieving your career goals and secondly, with my expertise, I will guide and focus you, creating a strategy, that when actioned through your strong desire and commitment to achieve what is important to you, will deliver results,


What my clients say!

"I cannot recommend Louisa highly enough. She has helped me question behaviours I have had for years which have been holding me back without me even realising. She has helped me develop strategies I can use every day to help with confidence, cope with potential stressors and be a happier person."


“Louisa taught me to own my successes and sell myself.  Her positive attitude and energy would make me believe the change I wanted was achievable (and it was!)”


"I consider myself extremely fortunate to have benefited from Louisa's leadership coaching. It’s been an educational and liberating journey of self-discovery! “I cannot recommend her highly enough!”


“Louisa was vital throughout my journey that lead to a career leap. without her help, I would not have been able to make the career move I did!”


"Each of the attendees on her workshop came out a different person with regards to their presentation skillset. I highly recommend Louisa to any future clients, the high detail and passion that Louisa puts into her role is beyond expectations." 










Coaching You

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“Positive change requires and commitment, discipline and consistency”

"Your life does not getter better by chance, it gets better by change"  Jim Rohn


“Low self-esteem is like going through life with the handbrake on”  Maxwell Maltz