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  Career & Confidence Mindset Coaching





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Hello, welcome and thank you for landing here!


If you are serious about your personal development and career aspirations, you are in the right place!


I coach ambitious high achievers across all sectors, helping them to powerfully elevate confidence and

navigate significant career challenges and transition by removing mindset barriers to success. 


Even the most accomplished and outwardly confident of people struggle, but what sets them apart from

others is their openness to create inner change and their willingness to develop, progress, feel fulfilled,

stay focused to create the impact they want.


Challenging situations or transitions can trigger feelings of confusion, insecurity, and frustration, which

only serves to cloud your judgement and prevent you from making informed decisions and taking

assertive action.

By using a combination of powerful coaching techniques and focused NLP strategies, I inspire positive behavioural change and action in my clients. Taking them from feeling frustrated, often battling with self-doubt and unclear on how to navigate the way ahead, to feeling supremely confident, realigned with their value, and armed with the tools to lead themselves with conviction.

How you lead yourself matters! Developing a confident and resilient mindset is critical to sustaining focus, upleveling how you operate, preventing stress, and achieving what matters to you.


As your coach, I am always on your side. I am your confidante and your unbiased sounding board, encouraging, supporting, and motivating you, every step of the way.

What my clients say!

"I cannot recommend Louisa highly enough. She has helped me question behaviours I have had for years which have been holding me back without me even realising.


“Louisa has been coaching me for 3 months and she has changed my life!”


“Louisa taught me to own my successes and sell myself.  Her positive attitude and energy would make me believe the change I wanted was achievable (and it was!)”


Louisa has this brilliant ability to get under your skin. She has helped me turn my life around and to restore my self-belief. 


. It’s been an educational and liberating journey of self-discovery! “I cannot recommend her highly enough!”

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Career & Confidence Coaching | Life Coach

Coaching You



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“Positive change requires and commitment, discipline and consistency”

"Your life does not getter better by chance, it gets better by change"  Jim Rohn


“Low self-esteem is like going through life with the handbrake on”  Maxwell Maltz


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