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Louisa O’Donnell

Career & Mindset Coach, NLP Practitioner


My name is Louisa O’Donnell.  I am a qualified Career & Mindset Coach, NLP Practitioner and Mental Health First Aider.


My drive throughout life has derived from people, observing their behaviours, interacations, progression and challenges.  

My career has  centred around serving and leading people within competitive, and pressurised working

enviornments, where confidence and egos were aplenty!  I began my career, fresh out of college as a sales consultant

for American Dream Holidays, a specialist tour operator tailoring holidays to the U.S.  

An experience that fuelled my desire to travel, eventually leading me to the U.S. to pursue a 10 year career working alongside 50+ different nationalities, for what continues to be the most successful cruise operator globally. Working aboard some of the world's largest cruise liners, I was part of the senior hotel operations team and led large, multi-cultural teams to consistently deliver first class, guest service to 3000+ guests each cruise.  Hard work and the ability to navigate my way through multiple levels of hierachy, led me to achieve several promotons and experience greater challenges.  This working environment was life enriching, life changing and cemented the person I am today.


Since returning to the U.K. over 15 years ago, I have worked within independent and international luxury hotels and recruitment, where my performance and approach were paramount to my own success and to the success of those around me.  Branching out indepedently, I co-founded and launched a specialist, hospitality recruitment business in the midst of the 2009 recession, because of my clear vision and drive to make a positive difference to the highly ambitious professionals, who were keen to progress within their careers. To make the recruiting process and approach more 'human' and bespoke.  This particular career move was a game changer for me as my inquisitive mind and desire to elevate people through challenge was now on a free reign!  I quickly gravitated towards not just being the confidante to my clients, but the sounding board, the  expert and the motivator.  It ultimately ignited my under-lying passion to become the 'go to coach'.  Taking a calculated leap of faith and action, I trained to become an accredited coach and have not looked back!  


My career has been rich with diversity, challenge, success and motherhood, peppered at times by low self-esteem, confusion and self-doubt, but these experiences have only led me to build greater resilience, confidence and self-belief across all areas of my life, paving the way to continued personal development and success.  I believe you are what you think and your professional and personal life are a reflection of your thinking.


My ultimate mission is to 'positively impact the professional lives of my clients,'  supporting each and every one of them to confidently progress, feel empowered and thrive, happily within a career that really matters to them!


“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change”

Dr. Wayne Dyer


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