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Nikos Kazantzakis


Working with Louisa has been an absolute pleasure! I reached out to Louisa at a time of transition for me and having a coach to support me through this was a completely new experience for me. When finding the right fit, having a coach that was going to hold me to account and challenge me was an important factor. Louisa was great at creating a space where I felt safe & not judged which allowed me to have the space and time to explore and unpack areas to enable me to build and transition into the next chapter. I have learnt new tools and I have had the opportunity to realign with myself, it is truly a valuable experience. Thank you Louisa!

Olivia Harvey, Client Experience Manager

When I met Louisa, I was pretty much at rock bottom in terms of my self-esteem and self-confidence at work due to a takeover. To think that I almost didn’t sign up..! Thank goodness I did! Louisa has this brilliant ability to get under your skin. She has helped me turn my life around and to restore my self-belief. I will forever be grateful for her kindness, insight and guidance. Please do contact Louisa if you’re considering any career coaching! The impact is life changing.

Susanne Hamilton, SVP Production & Operations

Louisa has been coaching me for 3 months now and she has changed my life. I was in a situation where I needed support, encouragement, and techniques to get myself to a specific goal and she was the perfect person. She has taught me so much and opened areas of my mind that I have never visited before. She has been a constant support for me and challenged me so much. This constant challenging has moved me forwards emotionally and mentally. I would recommend Louisa to everyone, she is very patient and has a great ear and is very attentive.

Dave Rajan, Head of Radio & TV

Working with Louisa was an amazing experience. I went to her at a time in my life where there for a huge amount of upheaval in my life, both professionally and personally. I was feeling overwhelmed, unsure about my next steps and also lacking the confidence to take the difficult action I needed to in one particular area.

Louisa was able to take my hectic ramblings and start to put them in a more logical order and priority of need, which allowed me to move forward convincingly. On our weekly calls, she'd listen to where I was at and then challenge my "unhelpful" thinking over certain things and help me upgrade it! She also set me weekly tasks to do that really deepened that thinking, allowing it to sink it on a far deeper level.

I finished our coaching sessions feeling clear on what my next steps where and also clear what my end goal was. At no point did I feel judged or unable to fully express what was going on with me - instead I felt like I had the best cheerleader in town by my side, supporting me every step of the way. For me personally, the thing I found most helpful was Louisa helping me give myself permission to slow down, step back, take stock of everything that was going on and then, only take steps that truly empowered and benefitted me going forward. An amazing gift and one I'm truly grateful for.

I would highly recommend working with Louisa to anyone and everyone as there's nothing she can't help upgrade your thinking on and empower you to work better, live better and feel better. My advice to anyone considering Louisa's services, would be to do it without hesitation! The value, clarity and confidence she will add to your life will far outweigh the investment - you absolutely will not be disappointed! Go for it!

Nicky Herringshaw, Director

Louisa was my coach during a time where I needed it the most. She is a highly energetic, positive and engaging coach who demonstrates amazing care and attention. Each of our sessions were constructive and allowed me to really look at things from a much clearer and more positive viewpoint. There is still a long road for me to traverse, however I can honestly say that Louisa has helped to equip me for the journey ahead in the time that we have had together. For anyone who is looking for an excellent coach, you will be in excellent hands working with Louisa. If you are open and honest about your circumstances for the next steps in your career growth, you will find the right coach in Louisa and you will benefit greatly.

Nicholas Gerken, Employee Relations & Wellbeing Business Partner

"I cannot recommend Louisa highly enough. She has helped me question behaviours I have had for years which have been holding me back without me even realising. She has helped me develop strategies I can use every day to help with confidence, cope with potential stressors and be a happier person. Everyone deserves a coach! Thank you Louisa"

Harriet Bowtell, Senior Associate, Jones Chase Employment Lawyers 


"I consider myself extremely fortunate to have benefited from Louisa's leadership coaching. It’s been an educational and liberating journey of self discovery, along with more advice and guidance than I expected or could have hoped for – both personally and professionally. Her flexible, and individually prescribed, approach always resulted in my feeling inspired and better prepared - the way forward became more defined and therefore more achievable.  I cannot recommend Louisa's leadership coaching highly enough and will continue to refer to the hints, tips and excellent advice for many years to come."

Alexandra Cowan, GMS Fulfilment Operations Manager EMEA, Oakwood Worldwide


Louisa helped me during a career change in February 2019 and the insight she provided enabled me to understand what I wanted from my move. Louisa also taught me to own my successes and sell myself which improved my cv and interview technique.  After meetings with Louisa her positive attitude and energy would make me believe the change I wanted was achievable (and it was!)

Andrew Giblin, Finance Manager, Finance & Risk Controls, GSK


I started coaching with Louisa in September 2018 due to wanting a career change. Louisa was vital throughout my journey that lead to a career leap. With Louisa's guidance, I have learnt how to credit myself with my own successes, to take pride in myself and my decisions, to deal with every day stresses through different stress-management techniques and to recognise the value I have as a person and potential employee. I went from a very unhappy and unconfident person to a new, confident and self-assured person. Without Louisa's help, I would not have been able to make the career leap I did and suffice to say it has really paid off.  A massive thank you to Louisa, your help has been invaluable.

Hugh Wallis, Account Manager, Geeks


"I have know Louisa for many years and recently used her services to engage with my sales and operations team at Oakwood worldwide. Louisa provided coaching on presentation skills and I found her approach to the coaching and the delivery excellent and the energy she gave us during the day was amazing. Each of the attendees on the course came out a different person with regards to their presentations skillset. I would highly recommend Louisa to any future clients and the high detail and passion that Louisa puts into her role is beyond expectations."

Juliet Howie Director of Sales, EMEA Oakwood Worldwide, 


“Louisa has been of very valuable assistance to me, with regards to ideas, recommendations and support, in connection to my next career move. It has been my pleasure liaising with Louisa throughout this year. She has been very supportive. I highly recommend her!”

John Laurie Interim Managing Director, Travel Industry, Events Sectors/PR/Media


“Having spent many years with working for my employer, a restructure was implemented within the business, which prevented further promotion opportunity and changed the dynamics! It was the push I had needed to make a move as for some time I’d felt unfulfilled and stretched. I met Louisa at a networking event and decided to take her career coaching services on. Her energy, knowledge and challenging mind pushed me to look more openly and clearer at what I could do.  I can’t believe how complacent I had become with my job. I am now in a new role, new company and all is going well and I credit Louisa for getting me here and helping me build my confidence! I highly recommend her.”

Lisa Nugent, Senior Marketing, FMCG


“As a recent graduate engaged with the selective application processes of popular graduate employers, Louisa has been invaluable in helping me articulate my strengths and intentions, to myself as much as to employers. Being equipped with this concise understanding of what I could offer to employers gave me a confidence which was integral to securing my current position. I would give her my unreserved recommendation.”

Chris Breeze, Oxford University Post Graduate Music 

"In order to succeed, we must first believe that we can"  

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