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“Work harder on yourself more than you do on your job”


Jim Rohn


Are you facing a significant challenge or turning point in your career?

Is your confidence or self-esteem at a low?

Are you questioning your abilities?

Perhaps reacting in a way that’s unproductive?

Feeling stretched or disconnected with your work?

Struggling to create headspace to make future decisions?

Even the most successful and outwardly confident of people struggle, often feeling uncertain and fake inner self-confidence, particularly when facing significant career challenges or transition.


I’ve helped my clients explore and instil high achieving success habits and confidence building strategies that have helped them gain future clarity, enjoy successful career transitions, progression and enhanced mental wellbeing, with many of my clients going onto;


  •  break the glass ceiling

  • significantly elevate performance

  •  achieve & enjoy promotion

  •  lead their teams to achieve greater results

  •  leave a toxic workplace

  • create balance

  • transition industry

  • change companies & flourish

  • exceed targets

  • manage relationships more effectively

  • show up & speak up in significant meetings/presentations

  • be recognised and rewarded


Through a coaching partnership with me, you can expect to be motivated, encouraged, supported, and armed with the tools, techniques and strategies that will help you to:

  • gain future clarity                                                            

  • identify outcome focused goals

  • reconnect with your value

  • increase self-esteem

  • behave less emotively

  • let go of limiting beliefs

  • make informed decisions

  • take assertive action

  • enhance resilience to pressure & demand


                                   Don’t just settle! Tap into your full potential, be inspired, focus on your aspirations and achieve them!”

Goldfish Leap of Faith

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